Archy Rail Set – 3 Medium


Includes 2 meter rail (black or white) and 3 movable/removable pendant adapters.

For a smaller table, up to about 1.8 m, 3 medium Archy’s work very well. For a smaller room and lower ceiling height, this setup works better than 3 large. Choose to hang them at the same height or for a more playful setup vary the heights a little bit.

The warm light from the special LED bulbs brings a beautiful vibe that makes you want to stay at the table with family and friends for hours after your meal.

The rail allows great flexibility by letting you move the Archy pendants and change them around to create a new setting. They can also be completely removed which is great for if you need to move the table to make room for a party.

A black or white rail, adjustable adapters, cord and LED bulbs are included in these prices.

Have questions about your ideal Archy light set for above your dining table? Get in contact with us and we can helpt to design a great new feature in your home!

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