2 Medium + 1 Small


This small set is great for a small table, or a kitchen island. 2 small and 1 medium, or 3 small is also possible for this situation. Get in touch if you are interested in this variation.

Hang the Archy’s at different heights to create a playful, yet clean design.


  • 1 meter black or white SLV 230V rail with electric track feed in
  • 3 adjustable/removable adapters in black or white
  • Black or linen cord (length can be discussed to your specific need)
  • Dimmable, warm LED bulbs

The rail allows great flexibility by letting you move the Archy pendants and change them around to create a new setting. They can also be completely removed which is great for if you need to move the table to make room for a party.

Not sure about your ideal Archy light set for above your dining table? Get in contact with us and we can help to choose your ideal unique, minimal lighting setup!



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