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We are glad to help you achieve an amazing result that leaves not only you, but your friends and family very impressed.

Choose the best way for us to help you get a perfect result.

1. Stuur een email

2. Plan a visit (1 hr)

3. Digital meeting (1/2 hr)

4. Receive relevant inspiration foto's

1. Send us an email

Feel free to send us an email to discuss your situation. We can help you to find a perfect solution and can answer any questions you have about.

2. Come visit our showroom

We can show you all the available options and discuss your situation to get the best result. We will also show you how the Archy's are made and the material is recycled. The location is Brecht, close to Antwerp.

Plan a visit

3. Video call with Marten

If our location is too far, a video call is a great way to discuss your situation. You can show us your space over video and we can discuss a solution

30 min video call

4. Receive relevant foto's

Wonder how an Archy set would look in your home? We have quite a few photo's of proud Archy owners with all types of interiors. Fill in this easy form to get some pictures and advice.

Receive inspiration photos

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