Handcrafted Design Lighting

Made from Upcycled Material

Become part of a circular economy without waste.

Introducing Archy

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Archy is available in 4 styles.


120 € – 410 


120 € – 410 

Rail Sets

715 € – 1255 

Cluster Sets

520 € – 1080 

Upcycled. Handmade. Circular.


First material is transformed into a new material by a process that we have developed. This material would otherwise have gone to landfill. Our process only uses renewable energy and only water is added to the material.


Archy is handcrafted with care and passion. We love to transform waste and make something unique that can transform interiors.


Archy represents change and does not belong to the linear economy. The materials have been saved from landfill, and processed back into a usable material. This process is endlessly reversible, so Archy should not ever be thrown away! 

Why Archy?


The uncoated surface of the Archy exposes and directly connects you with the natural material and the smooth, perfect curvature of the Archy plays with light hitting it to create fascinating shadows.

Our lives are  busy and our minds are hit with thousands of stimulations throughout the day. The home is a perfect place to create a sense of mindfulness and an ambience where stress is released. 


The reflection of the warm LED bulb on the cylindrical inside of the naturally white Archy produces a mesmerising light. Wherever the Archy shines, it will make you want to stay there longer. A dining table, kitchen island, living or bedroom, Archy will make you feel at ease, relaxed and invigorated. 


Take, make, use and then waste is the general approach to using resources and more and more people are growing frustrated with this system. Each step generally has a bad impact, from mining to disposal and it is time we change the way we source resources and redesign the products we make to be reusable and recyclable. 

There is a long way to go to get us to a close to zero waste society, but it is possible and every step makes a difference. The choice that consumers make determines how our products are made.


"Ik liet de hanglampen plaatsen in een appartement aan zee en de reacties waren allemaal zeer lovend. Ik mikte op een luxueuze (én duurzame) uitstraling en de hanglampen hebben hun effect niet gemist. De peertjes die er in steken, geven ook exact de juiste sfeer."

Interior Designer

"We love our medium Archy. It sits beautifully on our narrow wall cupboard. It is beautiful during the day and just perfect when it gets dark! The yellowish light is really cozy, we love it!"

Owner: Medium Table Archy

"We are a small independent coffee & waffle company based in Bath UK. Next to having tables made from recycled yoghurt pots the Archy pendants are a great addition to our café. We love the story about the Archy’s and all what the company More stands for. Upcycling is the future and we are happy & proud to be part of it."
Dutch Boy Coffee & Waffle Co
Owner: 2 Medium & 1 Small Ceiling Archy's

"I recently bought three lamps for above my kitchen table; their design and their quality are great, and of course eco-responsibility is a massive bonus.
We had the chance of visiting Marten’s atelier in July and had very interesting conversations around circular economy. I am planning to buy further products in the future. I totally recommend this young brand!"
Owner: 3 Medium Ceiling Archy's

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