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3 medium + 2 kleine zwarte Archy railset

  • For a table/kitchen between 2 and 3 m.
  • Custom made to fit your space.
  • Durable coating for easy cleaning and long life.
  • Dimmable LEDs creates a very functional and atmospheric light.

We will get in touch to ask some specific details so we can make the set perfect for your home.

Pleasant and functional light

The shape of the Archy's was designed not just to look good, but to put the light on your table, no in your eyes.

The light that results on your table or kitchen is evenly spread out which makes a very pleasant setting to work or relax. The dimmable 2700K bulbs allow you to determine the intensity of the light so you can read, cook or relax with the perfect light.

Style and size

The purpose of design lighting is to produce good light, but also to uplift your room. The medium and small Archy's together have a good size proportion in rooms with a ceiling of 2.4 to 3.5 meters high. The sizes were carefully considered during design to be elegantly present, while not dominating the space.

The right height and spacing

The height of a pendant is important, and so is the spacing between them. 

Everybody has a different table and ceiling height, and that is why we make each set custom. We ask details about your situation and prepare the set for you to get a perfect result for each individual situation. 

Also, we designed the rail so that the height of the pendants can be adjusted by 15cm, even after installation. This way, you can change things up to create the perfect look for your home.

  • Product Details
  • What's Included
  • Personal Support

Product Details

  • 3 Medium + 2 Small Archy's works great for a table/kitchen between 2 and 3 meters long.
  • Choose to hang them at the same height or, for a more playful setup vary the heights a little bit. Heights can be easily adjusted even after installation.
  • Sleek and minimal rail, very easy to install. Length and position of Archy pendants custom made depending on your length of table.
  • The Archy lights are coated for easy dusting/cleaning and for long life.
  • The outside is coated a beautiful matt black finish and the inside can be chosen as white or gold.

What's Included

3 Medium Archy Pendants

150 x 190 mm, 1.8 kg

2 Small Archy Pendants

100 x 120 mm, 0.6 kg

5 LED Bulbs (Dutch brand)

2700 kelvin dimmable LED bulbs

1 Rail

Up to 3m, depending on your table/kitchen length.


Up to 4 meters per Archy. The exact length will be determined after you order, we will send a simple form to fill in.


Step by step instructions for a perfect result.

Personal Support


The rail has been designed to be easy to install (instructions provided) and allows the flexibility to adjust the height of the lights even after installation.

Tailored Service

For questions and technical/design challenges, get in touch with Marten and receive expert guidance in making the right decision for your home. Send us an email at

Free shipping & returns

Every single order ships for free within EU. 

No minimums, no tiers, no fine print whatsoever.

Circular, planet-friendly design

Our innovative circular design is driven 

by the belief that there’s value in waste.

Produced in Belgium

We use the best quality components 

and upcycle the plaster in Antwerp.