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3 Medium + 2 Small Black Archy Rail Set

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Product Details

The 3 medium + 2 small black Archy rail set is bold and versatile.

Great for a dining table between 2.2 and 3 meters long, but also works for above a kitchen island. For longer tables/kitchen islands get in touch and we can discuss a set with 7 or 9 Archy lights.

Hang the Archy’s at different heights to create a playful, yet clean design.

The beautiful matt black finish is coated close by by coating experts and the inside of the pendant can be chosen as gold or white.

The rail is a sleek and minimal design and allows the heights of the pendants to be adjusted. We will cut the cords to the length that you require so they hang at their best in your space.

The length of the rail, and the distance between each light is determined by the length of your table/kitchen island. We will ask you a few questions after ordering so that we can create the perfect configuration for you!

If you want to discuss your situation with us to see if this set is right for the space you have in mind , feel free to send an email to . We are happy to help!


What's Included

3 Medium Archy Pendants

150 x 190 mm, 1.8 kg

2 Small Archy Pendants

100 x 120 mm, 0.6 kg

5 LED Bulbs Calex

Warm color dimmable LED bulbs

1 Rail

2 meters


Up to 4 meters per Archy pending. The exact length will be determine after you order considering the height of your ceiling.

Personal Support


The rail has been designed to be easy to install (instructions provided) and allows the flexibility to adjust the height of the lights even after installation.

Tailored Service

For questions and technical/design challenges, get in touch with Marten and receive expert guidance in making the right decision for your home. Send us an email at

Free shipping & returns

Every single order ships for free within EU. 

No minimums, no tiers, no fine print whatsoever.

Circular, planet-friendly design

Our innovative circular design is driven 

by the belief that there’s value in waste.

Produced in Belgium

We use the best quality components 

and upcycle the plaster in Antwerp. 


We handcraft each set to order, so we can tailor it to your specific interior space requirements. This results in a beautiful and harmonious upgrade for your home.

As soon as you place an order we get in touch with you to start customizing the set for your own space. This way they hang at the right height and distance between each other. 

This business model allow us to avoid over production and unnecessary costs of inventory. In return, we keep a fair pricing structure all year long and respect our planet.


Our sets are designed to be easy to hang and avoid any unnecessary installation costs. 

With the included installation manual, you can easily install them yourself and adjust the height of the Archy pendants to perfectly fit your space.


We understand how important a flexible space is to you, so we made sure that the height of the pendants can be easily adjusted after installation. 

This way, you can change things up to create the perfect look for your home at all times.




I’m not a real “carpenter hero” – Can I install the lights myself?

Yes, we provide you with step by step instructions you can follow to make the assembly process simple.

What is your advice in terms of height above the table?

We recommend the height between 60 and 75cm between the table and the bottom of the lowest Archy. Our personal suggestion is around 65cm. This might seem low but it gives a very cozy feeling at the table and they do not disturb the view when you are sitting. But higher is also possible.

How do I determine the distance between each pendant?

The length of the table is what determines the distance between the lights – this is critical to achieve great aesthetics.

We use a simple formula (length divided by # of pendants + 1) to tailor every order to the length of each client’s table.

Do you supply cables in 1 length and can we shorten that ourselves? 

We supply the cords in approximately the right length, and then it is better if it is a little more than you need. Then you can indeed shorten them to adjust the height as you prefer. As soon as you place your order we will contact you to discuss the details.

We use Philips Hue lamps in our home – are the Archy lamps compatible?

YES! The E27 Hue bulbs fit very well in the medium Archy's and for the small ones we use GU10 hue lights.

We've done this many times and the Hue's light bulbs work great with the Archy lamps.

You custom made every order, but you also advertise that we can return within 100 days if we don't like the lamp. Is that still possible?

Yes, even with the holes custom drilled, you are completely free to return the set. All the materials can be used again. 

But to be honest, we (almost) never get anything returned, so chances are that you will be very satisfied :) But again, know that returning is no problem and we will refund the amount immediately.

Is it possible to see your beautiful lamps in person somewhere before I order them?

We have a showroom next to the workshop in Schilde, right next to Antwerp. If this is possible for you, then you are most welcome to come by! We have a rail set, a few clusters, all sizes and white and black that we can show.
Which lamp/set are you interested in? We can also send you some photos of other installations from past clients.

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