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How to make your Archy Cluster Set stand out in your living space


If you have a great lighting concept, you will ensure that your living space truly stands out. The proper lighting is a major feature of any room design and it is crucial that it is in harmony with your interior style and the aesthetics of the room. 

Our Archy Cluster Set was designed to add a special bold note to any of your spaces and it comes with multiple options to ensure you can truly customize it to your own needs. In this article, we will show you in detail how you can choose the right Archy Cluster Set that will stand out and leave your guests in awe.

What is the Archy Cluster Set?

The Archy Cluster Set is a great choice if you want to bring a real eye-catcher into the interior space of your home. The cluster set consists of a collection of multiple Archies that have the ability to add a calm and peaceful atmosphere to a variety of spaces. Depending on the size of the room you can choose between 3 Archy Cluster Set, 5 Archy Cluster Set and 7 Archy Cluster Set. 

Saying that the Archy Cluster Set has the potential to light up smaller cozy areas like a round dining table as well as a huge staircase that reaches over multiple floors. In general, this cluster set works best in your living room, hallway, your dining room or a big kitchen island. 

Black Cluster Set above living room's table.

White Cluster Set lighting up a church in Spain.

The different options you have

The Archy Cluster Set comes with multiple options that help you to tailor it to your unique interior style and needs. There is much more to choose from than just the amount of Archies:

The Archy color

Depending on the cluster size, your set consists of 3 - 7 Archies. You can currently choose between the colors black and white for them. If you go for the black finish you also have the option to either pick the inside of the pendant in gold or white.

Archy pendant white.

Archy black – golden & white interiors.

The Ceiling Canopy Colour

The ceiling canopy is a round Belgian made high-quality aluminium plate that covers the junction box in the ceiling. You can choose the color black or white for it to match the color of your Archies. Depending on the style of your Archy Cluster Set the size of the ceiling canopy will range from 12 cm to 50 cm. It also comes with multiple hooks to attach your set to the ceiling. 

Belgium made 50mm canopy.

The Cord & Fitting Color

You have two different options for the cord color, which can make quite a difference in the look of the set. We have a black and a linen cord available with the black one being the favourite for most of our customers. The linen cord can definitely be an eye-catcher as well - especially if you want to create a more neutral and natural environment. Regardless of the cord color you also have the option to go for a long cord (up to 5 m) which can be a perfect choice if you have very high ceilings.  

The light fitting is the part of the lamp that holds the bulb. It is not big in size but it can be a nice little extra eye-catcher. Because of that, we don’t only offer it in black but also in brass. If you have brass, copper or golden door or cabinet handles, the brass fitting can be a great matching detail.

How to choose your perfect 

Archy Cluster Set Style

Our Archy Cluster Sets are made to create a bold statement and to add a highlight to your home that transforms your living space. We want it to bring your interior to life and give you and your guests a cosy experience. We want you to feel happy with our Archies as long as possible and because of that, it is important to us to support you in finding the right set-up that matches your interior style.

A minimal and elegant interior style

Depending on the cluster size, your set consists of 3 - 7 Archies. You can currently choose between the colors black and white for them. If you go for the black finish you also have the option to either pick the inside of the pendant in gold or white.

If your home has a very elegant style with black or dark window frames, dark table legs or a black leather couch, the black Archies with a black cord would be a great choice. If you have some copper, brass or gold elements in your home, you can go with the brass fitting and the gold colour inside the pendant. 

If you play a lot with black and white within your interior, it is also worth considering going for the white Archies with a black cord. It creates a nice contrast and stands out clearly in your room.

Archy Cluster Set white in elegant interior.

A nature-inspired and biophilic home

If your interior style is inspired a lot by natural materials like wood, cotton, bamboo, rattan or hemp, the white Archy Cluster Set with a linen cord would be the optimal choice. It is much quieter and subtle and fits your room in a very neutral way. The brass fitting would be a great fit because it harmonises perfectly with the linen cord. 

Archy Cluster Set white in natural interior.