Unique minimal lighting

Unique minimal lighting

Designed, upcycled and handcrafted in Antwerp.

Minimalist design lamps with a unique story

What started as a way of processing residual electricity into a new product grew into high-quality design lamps that shine in any interior.

We manufacture our quality lamps from construction waste that was destined for the waste mountain. The residual flow is upgraded in a sophisticated production process to a high-quality, strong raw material. In turn, we transform that material into brand new, high-quality attractions in your interior.

Introducing Archy

Archy is a charming little fellow, but his looks are deceptive. He wasn’t always such an angel face, and sometimes he forgets his life before he met his creators at More.

More transformed him into the clean, stylish light pendant he is and before this he was just a pile of rubble destined for landfill to be buried forever. Now though, Archy carries himself with a level of pride and self confidence and, with his smooth lines to die for, radiates a unique style not often seen by a light pendant.

Archy is available in 4 styles.

Choose a white or matte black version, in small, medium or large.

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Comfy Archy

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Archy Rail Set

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Archy Cluster Set

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Upcycled. Handmade. Circular.